1) PREP If something is within a place, area, or object, it is inside it or surrounded by it. [FORMAL]

Clients are entertained within private dining rooms...

An olive-coloured tent stood within a thicket of trees.

...a 1987 agreement which would recognise Quebec as a distinct society within Canada.

in, inside
ADV: usu from ADV, also ADV after v
Within is also an adverb.

A small voice called from within. `Yes, just coming.'

2) PREP Something that happens or exists within a society, organization, or system, happens or exists inside it.

The motives that attract people to work within a social service are variable.

...the spirit of self-sacrifice within an army...

Within criminal law almost anything could be defined as `crime'.

ADV: usu from ADV, also ADV after v
Within is also an adverb.

The Church of England, with threats of split from within, has still to make up its mind.

3) PREP: PREP pron If you experience a particular feeling, you can say that it is within you. [LITERARY]

He's coping much better within himself...

You've got to identify these inadequacies within yourself.

ADV: usu from ADV, also ADV after v
Within is also an adverb.

`God!' cried Dennis from within. `Oh, my God!'

4) PREP If something is within a particular limit or set of rules, it does not go beyond it or is not more than what is allowed.

Troops have agreed to stay within specific boundaries to avoid confrontations...

Exercise within your comfortable limit...

The film will be finished within its budget.

5) PREP If you are within a particular distance of a place, you are less than that distance from it.

The man was within a few feet of him...

It was within easy walking distance of the hotel...

The rebels have advanced to within 150 kms of the capital.

6) PREP: PREP amount Within a particular length of time means before that length of time has passed.

About 40% of all students entering as freshmen graduate within 4 years...

Yasir Arafat is said to be planning to go to Syria within 48 hours.

7) PREP If something is within sight, within earshot, or within reach, you can see it, hear it, or reach it.

His twenty-five-foot boat was moored within sight of West Church.

...her heels clicking on the tiled floor, probably an irritating noise to other people within earshot...

Amy looked to see if there was anything within reach that she could give him to ease the pain.

8) within reasonsee reason

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